Build A New Accessory Dwelling Unit

What Are Accessory Dwelling Units?

What Are Accessory Dwelling Units? An accessory dwelling unit (ADU) isn’t a new idea, and you may have even considered it at one point, even if you didn’t call it an ADU. These units are repurposed or fully new structures that are built or remodeled on your property to add new dwelling space to your standard single-family home. Continue reading to learn more about ADUs and contact Home Renew 360 to get started with the construction of an ADU on your property.

Popular forms of ADUs include:
Apartments built over garages
A small house built in a backyard
Basement apartments

What Can I Do and Not Do With an ADU?

An ADU is a unit that is still legally part of the property on which it was built and cannot be sold separately from that property. They are often referred to as in-law suites, mother-in-law homes, and a number of other names. These secondary dwelling units offer the same amenities as a standard home, but with less overall square footage.

Why Build an ADU?

One of the main reasons to build an ADU is flexibility. Whether you are looking to gain a bit more income by renting out unused areas of your home, or you want to be able to adequately care for family members, an ADU may be a great choice. If your main living space is starting to feel too cramped, adding an ADU could be a good option to expand the living space for some of the members of your household.

The Benefits of Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit

  • Extra Space: One of the most obvious, and best, benefits of building an accessory dwelling unit is the addition of extra livable space to your property. A lot of homes in Southern California can run on the small side and if you need more room for your growing family, or you want to create an opportunity for extra income by renting out the space, an accessory dwelling unit is a great way to make that possible.
  • Investment Opportunities: Putting money into upgrading your property almost always provides a great return on investment. If you want to make the space you have more valuable, adding another unit to it could be exactly what you need to stand out in the market. An ADU is a huge selling point for families big and small, and for investors who are looking for ways to make more money.
  • You Get To Stay in Your Home: If you have a growing family and you really love your home, it might feel inevitable that you will have to move. But an accessory dwelling unit makes it possible for you to stay in the home that you love while still getting the extra space you need to accommodate any new additions to your family.
  • Consider Your Options

    How you implement an ADU into your property will vary greatly depending on your available space. If you have a garage, you can likely convert all or some of it into an ADU. You could also build a new small complex in your backyard if you have the space to accommodate everything you would need to add. You could also convert your basement, attic, or other areas of your home into an ADU which can increase the usability and value of your home.

    When you’re considering converting areas of your property into an ADU, you can count on the expert team at Home Renew 360 to assist you. We have experience building new ADUs or renovating homes to accommodate an ADU in a variety of different spaces. Our California team will partner with you to give you new flexibility with your property! We use a straightforward four-step process that allows us to learn exactly what you want in order to create the best possible plans and then execute those plans effectively. Contact us today to get started building your very own accessory dwelling unit.

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